What is a Rethink/ Challenge?

Think of it as a sustainability competition. Whether your community is a school, a faith-based organization, or a business, we’ve harnessed the motivational power of rivalries and goal-setting to create measurable change for your community and the planet.

Competitive or Goals

Competing for the top spot or working together to accomplish a goal achieves high motivation.

Team Options

Create teams with existing rivalries, let leaders recruit, or have everyone compete as individuals.

Targeted Action

Customize your challenge focus to fit your initiatives.


Reward the top individuals and teams, or anyone who passes a threshold.

Know your impact with analytics

Rethink/ ‘s easy-to-use Dashboard puts you in control. Monitor how well your Challenge is performing, track your impact, and encourage your community’s best leaders.

Learn how Rethink/ Challenges can work for your community:

Ready to get started?

Get your community members acting sustainably today. Austin’s Office of Sustainability will be in touch to help you learn more about how Rethink/ can help you.