Enhance your Sustainability Lesson Plans with Rethink/ Challenges

Austin’s Rethink/ app helps students and faculty make choices that are more sustainable and better for their school with a fun app that strengthens relationships and increases engagement.


Motivate Top Students

Competing for the top spot or working together to accomplish a goal achieves high motivation.

Show Students You Care

Today’s top students want to attend a school that cares about the world they live in.

Customize to Your Lesson Plans

Customize your Challenge focus to fit your lesson plans. Create Challenges that connect with clubs, classes or the entire school.

Challenge Themes to Fit your Campus

Back to School Challenge
Class to Class Challenge
Earth Week Challenge
RecyleMania Challenge

Ready to get started?

Get your school acting sustainably today. Austin’s Office of Sustainability will be in touch to help you learn more about how Rethink/ can help you.

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